Arrange an interview with your Spider of Silken Marvels

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From: The Hallowmas Edition 1896

"It has ambitions? In what direction?" Mr Huffam does not seem convinced.

Unlocked with 1 x Spider of Silken Marvels

Locked with 1 x A Confession of Curiosity, 1 x A Confession of Guile, 1 x A Confession of Pride, 1 x A Confession of Impropriety, 1 x A Confession of Violence, 1 x A Confession of Whimsy


A new spider

Mr.Huffam listens intently to your spider's hopes and aspirations. […] When it displays its new venom sacs, Mr.Huffam stands up and leaves.

The next day, the Gazette is full of thundering editorials on the 'silken menace.' You spider seems pleased.

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