Arrange with Furnace for the excavation

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From: The Next Stretch of Track

Excavating whatever is buried on the line will need some specialist help. Fortunately, you have a few people to loan.

Unlocked with Tracklayers' Work Stoppage exactly 35, 2 x Number of Workers in your Laboratory, 3 x Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits, 3 x Basket of Rubbery Pies


Some days later

Together, you and Furnace visit the work-site with your assistants. […]

When you arrive, the dig is smaller than you had pictured: not a vast crater filled with mammoth bones, but a frozen mud-pit. The false-snakes have all turned to ice […]

Description summary:
Your team has to go on foot through the cold lands. You learn that Furnace does have teeth, which chatter when she's cold. The site is filled with more of the (dead) false-snakes.

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