Ascending the Reliables List of Mr Pages

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You are proving yourself a reliable and discreet investigator.

Gain this through opportunity cards.

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Level 1[edit]

Level 2[edit]

Level 3[edit]

Level 4[edit]

Level 5[edit]

Level 8-16[edit]

Level 16[edit]


1: Mr Pages is impressed by your intelligence and tenacity, and will notify you when it has a case
2: Mr Pages is missing a book. Witnesses report that it was stolen by two Clay Men
3: The culprits have been found, and you’ve returned the book - one of Mr Iron’s ledgers - to Mr Pages
4: Another theft from Mr Pages' library. A green petal was found at the scene; witnesses saw a figure limping away
5: You know the Wilting Dandy's address
6: You have found the Wilting Dandy
8: Mr Pages will be pleased to have its book back!
12: The Dandy is delighted he can keep the book. Mr Pages will be displeased!
15: FATE The Dandy has his book. Mr Pages will get your forgery
16: Mr Pages will not be mollified until you have written the Dandy's story. Do so in Veilgarden!
20: You left the Wilting Dandy bloodied, and returned the book to Mr Pages
21: FATE Mr Pages is captivated by your forgery; the Wilting Dandy has left with the original
23: The Wilting Dandy kept the book; you mollified Mr Pages by writing of the Dandy's love for the Epigrammatic Irishman