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From: Conversation with the Lackey

Action Cost: 0

What does he hope to accomplish?



(see table below)

Description summary:
The description varies with A Pawn among Tracklayers. There will also be an extra paragraph with certain Ambition rewards.

A Pawn among TracklayersDescription
1"One day, I'll be the overseer in one of Fires' factories. I'll have my own Clay bodyguard and my own table at Dante's Grill […] […] "But I've got to prove myself to Mr Fires first. It says it won't take on anyone that's not proven efficient and loyal. […]"
0, 2"One day, I'll be the overseer […] […] there's those in the TLU that wouldn't go back […] for any money. But I've got nothing against 'em, especially if I'm in the back office […] when the GHR is done, how many more railways will be requiring our services?"
3"Once, I thought I'd be the overseer in one of Fires' factories. Have my own Clay bodyguard and my own table at Dante's Grill and my own house in Ladybones. […] Then I met you. The way I figure it, you've got more to offer than Mr Fires. […]"
ConditionLast Paragraph
A Kitten-Sized Diamond, Liberated from the Mountain[…] "Mr Fires told me once it does what it does for the sake of London. […] And it told me you'd once done something very difficult to assist in that, and it paid you in the finest treasure it owned. Hearing that, I thought: this is my sort of hero. […]"
A Leasehold on All of LondonHe cocks his head. "Mr Fires told me once that everything it was doing, it was doing for the preservation of London. […] That it saw you once do something very difficult, just to keep London as she is a good while longer."
The Robe of Mr CardsIf you're going to throw your lot in with a Master, better pick the right one. There can't be many doors in London that you couldn't open for a protegé, if you were minded to."

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