Ask about the Topsy King's own heart's desire

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From: Ambition: Meet with the Topsy King

Why does he still play the Marvellous?

Unlocked with Ambition: The King's Pointer (hidden)


First stakes

Description summary:
The description varies based on your level of Topsy by Halves.

Topsy by HalvesDescription
0 - 1"[…] Staked what was left. What was left was what was left of my mind. […] In safe keeping now, with the Priest-King of Bethlehem. […]" The Manager of the Royal Bethlehem, it seems, holds all that remains of Tristram Bagley's once brilliant mind.
2The Topsy King smiles faintly. He taps his head meaningfully. "Frowdy," he says slyly. He has his heart's desire, thanks to you.

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