Ask her about the Prehistoricists (Furnace)

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From: Conversation with Furnace or Alone with Furnace

Action Cost: 0

Are they anti-Revolutionary? Are they, in fact, supporters of the Chain?


The Chain read backward

"They think the Chain could do more to support them," says Furnace. "If there's a job to be done in the world, then the Chain should guarantee there's some creature that wants that job […]"

"Taking the Universe at its word," says another voice […]


Description summary:
The third paragraph varies, likely based on Following up Rumours of Cornelius. Wiki note: Numbers unaccounted for: 4 – 8

RumoursThird Paragraph
0 - 3?"The first prehistoricist was my former partner," […] "Cornelius. He was quite the philosopher. Gone now. The new ones spend their dinner break swapping fantasies of the track-laying mastodons they're all going to be riding, come the new age."
9?+"Cornelius came up with the idea," says Furnace. "There were some precursors to the philosophy, but he was the one who really popularised the idea of track-laying mastodons at our disposal."

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