Ask her to help with research into the Red Science

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From: Rely on April

She has a technical and scientific sort of mind. When she's not being pestered by Revolutionary visitors, that is.

Unlocked with Experimental Object, Red Science Focus


She knows what she's doing.

(see table below)

Description summary:
The text varies based on your current Experimental Object.

Experimental ObjectDescription

The […] cup is […] a meticulous construct of jigsaw-puzzle components, machined to slide together without a gap. On their hidden, inner faces are sigils of the Correspondence.

Changes to intensity […] Designed to enhance what is naturally present.

350She focuses intently. The Red Science requires even more of her concentration than usual.
360April writes you questions about the purpose of this device. What do you plan to do with people's femurs and skulls once you've copied them out? Is it meant to be applied to a form of sympathetic magic? […] she doubts the effectiveness of the method.
490[…] Not an ordinary fossil, she writes. Manufactured. […]

She goes […] and comes back with […] a tea rose. She leaves it overnight […] beside the aged egg.

In the morning, the flower has […] altered: the petals are more primitive, the colours more garish […]
495April spends the night hard at work. You come back to find her workbench. Three dead warblers. […] Diamond shards soaking in a glass, to get the blood off again. It's messy work keeping the site of incision open, is all she will say about the ordeal.
520 - 530[…] BIGGER! she writes in her notes. And next to these exhortations are drawings of immense ribs […] the largest of these experiments would require a small star's worth of energy. But she is keenly seeking ways to bring make all this possible […]
980Haven't tried the metal of these before, says April. But it's strange stuff. Need a Hellworm to mine the ore. It doesn't lawfully exist yet.
1030April's approach to the Red Science is generally more practical than theoretical. What you are seeking now […] is partly new territory for her. But she is perennially finding ways in which she can apply these new discoveries, and linking them together […]
1040April works much of the day and most of the night on the experiment. There are pages and pages of meticulous notes. At the bottom: The stars are b___ds.
1050April looks at the drawings for a long time. It's Red Science. Where I would use Correspondence signs, they've translated. This passage concerns the Revocation of Ways.
1320April smiles at the question, and writes, Our old friend Mother Superior would have much to say about this.

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