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On long evenings at the Medusa's Head, where the monster-hunters drink, they brag about the beasts they've bagged […] But no-one tells stories about […] the Vake, for whose head the Department offers a standing reward of four million Echoes.

Ambition: Bag a Legend! (BaL) is a monster hunt that begins in Watchmaker's Hill and leads the player across Fallen London... and perhaps beyond. The main Attributes are Dangerous and Watchful.

For more information on Ambitions and choosing between them, consult the Ambitions guide.


This Ambition can be started in Watchmaker's Hill with Dangerous 6. You can check your progress at any time on the Myself tab under Ambition; the number after the Ambition title is the part of the story you're currently on.


This can be helpful when you're unsure where to go next; just find the corresponding part number below.


Learn about the Vake (0–14)[edit]

Watchmaker's Hill: What is the Vake?

  • BaL 0: If you're ready to take on this hunt, you'll need to find out more about the Vake — Dangerous 6.
  • BaL 1: Demand answers about the Vake at the Medusa's Head — Dangerous 10.
  • Head into Bugsby's Marshes to meet with someone who's faced the Vake before.
  • Ask the Scarred Naturalist about the Vake.
    • BaL 3: Bring 90 x Rat on a String to the Scarred Naturalist and question him about the Vake.
    • BaL 3a: Go to the conservatory to recapture the sorrow-spider for the Scarred Naturalist — Dangerous 20.
  • Tame your Wild Mandrake.
    • BaL 5: Bring the Scarred Naturalist 200 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882 to tame the mandrake.
    • BaL 5a: The Scarred Naturalist informs you that you'll need to teach the mandrake to sing.

Find a singing teacher for your Half-Wild Mandrake

Spite: Singing lessons.

BaL 10 in Watchmaker's Hill: Find some mud in the marshes — Dangerous 42.

BaL 11 in Spite: Deal with your newly reinvigorated mandrake — Watchful 42.

BaL 12 in Spite: Thank the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer for her help.

BaL 13 in Watchmaker's Hill: Return to the Scarred Naturalist with your singing mandrake — Watchful 47.

BaL 14: Save the Scarred Naturalist from the sorrow-spider and marsh wolf — Dangerous 47.


A weapon to kill the Vake (15–20)[edit]

Watchmaker's Hill: A Vake-killing club

The Shuttered Palace: A Vake tooth

New Newgate Prison - again!


Black Wings Absinthe (21–31)[edit]

BaL 21: Obtain information about Vake sightings (and a bottle of Black Wings Absinthe) for 200 x Jade Fragment.

BaL 22 in Watchmaker's Hill: Assemble your Vake-Killing Club — Dangerous 62.

BaL 23: Find out about Black Wings Absinthe from the Scarred Naturalist.

24–29: Procure Black Wings Absinthe in Veilgarden. (You only have to do this once for every bottle you want; this storylet doesn't raise your BaL level.) You have two options for obtaining 1 x Bottle of Black Wings Absinthe:

BaL 24 in Watchmaker's Hill: Consume 1 x Bottle of Black Wings Absinthe Watchful 64.

BaL 25: Confront the nun following you — Dangerous 69.

25–31: Opportunity cards may appear in your deck.

Note: At this point in the Ambition, you might find it helpful to raise Hearing Things...or are you? as high as you can to make the challenge in part 31 easier. (A level of 4 is required for BaL 29, and the challenge in BaL 31 is based on level 8; you need 13 to 100% it.)

BaL 26 in Watchmaker's Hill: Get more answers from the Scarred Naturalist — Watchful 71.

BaL 27 in Ladybones Road: Find the Scarred Naturalist in Tyrant's Gardens — Dangerous 76.

BaL 28: Take 100 x Foxfire Candle Stub and head into Prickfinger Wastes — Watchful 78.

BaL 29 in Your Lodgings: With Hearing Things... at 4 or higher, consume the bottle of Black Wings Absinthe Nouveau to access the Abyssal Depths.

The Abyssal Depths

Note: You'll notice that the difficulty of the challenges increases fairly rapidly over the next few parts of the Ambition. Therefore, you might find it helpful to take a break from BaL here and work on leveling and acquiring PoSI status if you haven't reached that milestone already. You'll need access to the Broad Unterzee soon, so acquiring a ship might be one of your first priorities as a PoSI.

The Sisterhood (32–60)[edit]

BaL 32 in Your Lodgings: Recuperate from your experience in the Abyssal Depths

33: The Churches of Spite in Spite: Get information about these mysterious nuns.

34: Return to the Medusa's Head in Watchmaker's Hill: Spend 8 x Bottle of Morelways 1872 and E 5 to do some eavesdropping.

35: Stacks at Midnight in The University: Bring 20 x Foxfire Candle Stub to do some research.

BaL 36 in Your Lodgings: Read the book you "borrowed".


39: Find out more from Jervaise in Mrs Plenty's Carnival Watchful 127

40: Talk to the Gracious Widow in Spite: Negotiate with the Widow on Jervaise's behalf. You may have different options to pass this part:

41: Fireworks at the Carnival in Mrs Plenty's Carnival: Bring the fireworks samples to Jervaise — Dangerous 120.

42: Back to the Singing Mandrake at The Singing Mandrake: Spend 5 x Stolen Kiss to gain access to the Parlour of Virtue.

43: Talking to Sinning Jenny in Veilgarden: Ask Jenny about the Sisterhood.

44: Off to zee from Wolfstack Docks: Make plans to sail to the Sisterhood's convent — Watchful 127.

Note: You will need a ship to continue from here. Refer to Zailing (Guide) for more information on zailing.

Make sure you have everything you will need during your trip before setting out. In particular, you should have the items required for BaL 49. Collections of Curiosities can be obtained by Fighting a War of Assassins with the opponent A Former Lover; Cellars of Wine can be created in the Bazaar Side-streets.

45: Zail to the Convent.

  • Select Abbey Rock as your destination, east of London, Hunter's Keep and Mutton Island. You have to complete two Zee-Legs, one with Zailing Progress 160, one with 80. You cannot change your equipment once you make landfall, so pick something that suits Dangerous and Watchful challenges as you approach the port.
  • Landfall at The Convent: Reach the shores of the convent — Dangerous 127.

The Convent


Assassins (70–95)[edit]

70–90: The Assassins. Deal with the first assassin using one of these methods:

80: Fend off the second assassin Watchful 160.

85: A boat trip

90: Where is the third assassin?: To find her, you'll need to raise Detective's Progress to 10 a total of 3 times, via Pursue Your Current Case. Each time, a storylet will unlock that allows you to spend items to raise Evidence in the Case of the Third Assassin.

  1. You begin at the Docks: 3 x An Identity Uncovered!
  2. Follow the blue bonnet: 1 x Blackmail Material, 100 x Cryptic Clue
  3. Closing the case: the scarlet room: 250 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey, 100 x Romantic Notion, 25 x Vision of the Surface, 5 x Touching Love Story

95: The Third Assassin in Veilgarden: Decide whether to complete your task or help fake her death. The latter requires 1 x Favours: Society, 1 x Maidservant's Uniform, 1 x Rookery Password, 1 x Comprehensive Bribe, 2 x Legal Document, 100 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey, and 1 x Alluring Accomplice.


April (100–140)[edit]

100: The Vake's Secret in Your Lodgings: Spend 1 x Bottle of Broken Giant 1844 to find out more about the Vake.

110: The Christmas Card List in Wilmot's End: Find out about April.

115: April's Attention: Arrange a meeting with April.

Wolfstack Docks

140: A Package from April in Your Lodgings

A University Laboratory (150–159)[edit]

150–159: Your own Lab in The University. You need a Laboratory in order to prepare the Chorister's Bomb and get it to Parabola. (If you already have your own Lab and The Prestige of your Laboratory at least 1, you can skip this.)

150–154: Transport the Bomb in Wolfstack Docks. You'll need: 100 x Whisper-Satin Scrap and 1 x Favours: Constables, plus either:

University Laboratory: With the bomb safely in your Lab, Assess your Progress should now be set to 'the Plans for the Chorister's Bomb'. To complete these plans, you'll need Equipment for Scientific Experimentation at level 3 or higher, as well as 50 x Laboratory Research, 10 x April's Weapons Research, and 10 x Mother Superior's Semi-Theological Research.

  • To generate April's and Mother Superior's research, you'll need to ask them to work in your Lab via Adjust the Staffing of your Lab.
    • If you have only one space available, bring in Mother Superior first and get her research, then dismiss her and hire April. (The only extra effect of having both at once is the chance at the opportunity card Papers in the Night.)
    • Both their cards enable you to generate their own research or ordinary research, though Mother Superior only produces 3 of the latter, while April's is based on the level of your equipment.

Impersonation (160–195)[edit]

160: Costuming in Your Lodgings: Raise Veils Impersonation to at least 15 to proceed. Raising it higher, and using certain options, can give you other options later on, though you can only raise it up to 30.

Veils Impersonation
Option Requires Gains
Walk like Mr Veils Connected: Masters –1 CP 7 x Veils
Talk like Mr Veils 5 x Aeolian Scream, 25 x Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe 2 x Veils
Dress like Mr Veils on a Good Day 1 x Veils-Velvet Scrap 8 x Veils, 1 x Committed Impersonator
Smell like Mr Veils 1 x Blackmail Material 1 x Veils
Bite like Mr Veils E 77.77 6 x Veils, 1 x Free-roving Teeth
Lurk like Mr Veils 1 x Pair of Cracksman's Mittens, Shadowy 200 challenge 5 x Veils
Dress like Mr Veils on Laundry Day 75 x Whisper-Satin Scrap 3 x Veils

170: A Road of Silk and Spiders: In Base-Camp, Begin an Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter and choose The Workshop of the Khan of Silks.

180: A Road of Silk and Spiders (2): Choose what to do at the workshop. Your level of Veils Impersonation determines your chances on the first two options; you need 19+ to 100% it.

190–195: A Road of Silk and Spiders (3)

  • When you're finished, you can leave. This option is always available as a risk-free way to complete this section.
  • After an interview with Mr Fires: If you fail to trick Mr Fires with your disguise and he throws you out, you will unlock this storylet. (Choosing to leave of your own volition prevents this storylet from appearing.)

Seeking Parabola (210–310)[edit]

210: Returning from the factory

Veilgarden: April and Sinning Jenny

300: A route to Parabola from your University Laboratory.

310: Push the Choristers' Bomb into Parabola in University Laboratory: Sends you to the Reflection of your Laboratory in Parabola.

Parabola (320–380)[edit]

320: Laboratory work, backward tells you what you'll need to advance

Build up your Base-Camp
Level Requirement options
1 1000 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey,

1 x Parabola-Linen Suit,

1 x Parabola-Linen Frock,

1 x Strong-Backed Labour

1000 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey,

1 x Parabola-Linen Suit,

1 x Parabola-Linen Frock,


2 600 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey,

11 x Nodule of Pulsating Amber

600 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey,

11 x Rookery Password

600 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey,

Countess of Thorns*,

Persuasive 150 challenge

600 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey,

An Enfranchised Anchoress*,

Persuasive 150 challenge

3 Bengal Tigress
Parabolan Panther*,

Dangerous 150 challenge

Slavering Dream-Hound*,

Shadowy 150 challenge

Dream-dwelling Carnivorous Aurochs*,

Persuasive 150 challenge

* item is NOT consumed

330: Complete your improvements to the Chorister's Bomb once you have everything you need.

340–360: Concocting a Curved-Talon Absinthe in Reflection of your Laboratory

370: Luring the Vake

380: It is here it is here in Parabolan Base-Camp


Aspects of the Vake (400–450)[edit]

Your task now is to track down the remaining fragments of the Vake: Curator Veils, Veils of the Surface, and Veils of the Third City.

After setting off the Chorister's Bomb, you'll end up in the storylet Track the Animals of Parabola in Parabolan Base-Camp. You can begin tracking the Vake fragments from here. Leaving this storylet by choosing "perhaps not" returns you to your Base-Camp.

From your Base-Camp, you can also Think in the Midst of the Hunt, where you can consider whether you'll kill all three aspects of the Vake or spare one of them. What you choose will set Willingness to Spare Some Aspect of the Vake and may affect Swore an Oath to Mr Wines. (See the table under "Back to Normal" for a breakdown of these paths.) This storylet will disappear once you make your choice.

You can only spare the last Vake that you hunt down, so if you want to spare one, make sure to kill the others first.

Note: Whether you decide to spare one of the Vakes, and which one you spare, will affect the unique item you receive for completing the Ambition. You may want to refer to the table of Ambition Rewards at the end of this guide to decide in advance which one you want.
A Master

Track Curator Veils

A chess piece

Track Veils of the Surface

The Third City

Track Veils of the Third City


The end[edit]

Back to Normal: Once you have no more remaining Vakes to deal with, this storylet autofires, with different text depending on whether you spared an aspect of the Vake and what you promised Mr Wines. In any case, you receive 1 x Vial of Masters' Blood.

  • See the table below for the full breakdown of outcomes from this series of actions. The two unique outcomes are if you made the oath intending it to mean the Vake specifically and then killed all 3 aspects (which sets Swore an Oath to Mr Wines to 10: "You have honoured an oath to Mr Wines"), or if you made the oath knowing you may be held to it at some unknown future time (which keeps Swore an Oath to Mr Wines at 3: "You have sworn an oath. You accepted the consequences"). All other paths ultimately result in 1: "You have sworn an oath. You did not mean it".
Swore an Oath to Mr Wines
Lie Interpret Accept
Oath (Sending the Vake a gift via Wines)
1 2 3
Temptation (Think in the Midst of the Hunt)
Spare (advantage) 1, 1 1, 1 3, 1
Spare (fellow feeling) 1, 2 1, 2 3, 2
Spare (excuse) 1, 3 1, 3 3, 3
Honor your oath N/A 2, 10 N/A
Withstand persuasion 1, 11 2, 11 3, 11
Resolution (Back to Normal)
Killed 3 Vakes 1 10 3
Spared 1 Vake 1 1 1

Claim your Reward at the Dept. of Menace Eradication. The options and text here differ depending on whether you spared one of the Vakes or killed them all, but in any case, you receive a substantial amount of Bragging Rights at the Medusa's Head. You also have some questions to be answered at Abbey Rock, and April leaves your Lab.

An Epilogue: The End of the Convent: Autofires when you reach Abbey Rock.

Twenty-four hours later[edit]

A living story appears in your Messages tab; it differs depending whether you killed every aspect of the Vake or spared one.

If you killed all the Vakes:

If you spared an aspect of the Vake:

Long-term rewards[edit]

Ambition Rewards
Ending Unique item Rewards of Ambition
Killed all the Vakes A Vast Network of Connections Wherever the Bazaar's Influence can be Found Enjoy your considerable wealth
Spared Veils of the Surface Society of the Three-Fingered Hand Read your dispatches
Spared Curator Veils A Winged and Taloned Steed Formerly Mr Veils Indulge in the pleasure of mastery
Spared Third-City Veils The Long-Dead Priests of the Red Bird Indulge in the pleasure of transgression

Items needed[edit]

This is an attempt to list all possible items needed in BaL, for help with planning. The quantities listed are the fewest you can get away with (min), and the most you will need (max). This list only includes items that can be found outside of this Ambition; items like the Half-Wild Mandrake that are unique to BaL are listed elsewhere.

Item Min Max Parts
Aeolian Scream 48 53 130, 160
Alluring Accomplice 0 1 95
An Identity Uncovered! 1 2 70
Antique Mystery 0 1 300
Appalling Secret 0 20 43
Bejewelled Lens 0 1 150


Bengal Tigress 0 1 320
Blackmail Material 0 2 115, 160
Bottle of Broken Giant 1844 1 1 100
Bottle of Greyfields 1882 200 varies[2] 5, 24-31
Bottle of Morelways 1872 8 8 34
Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe 0 19 40, 150[1]
Bottled Oblivion 0 5 150


Cellar of Wine 2 5 49, 70, 150-159, 370
Collection of Curiosities 2 2 49
Comprehensive Bribe 0 4 40, 70, 95
Copper Cipher Ring 60 60 400
Dream-Trophies of Parabola 3 3 400
Drop of Prisoner’s Honey 400 2600 7, 95, 150,[1] 320
Epaulette Mate 0 1 400
Favour in High Places 1 2 70, 400
Flask of Abominable Salts 0 5 150*
Focused Albatross 1 1 400
Foxfire Candle Stub 140 1140 20, 28, 33, 35
Hard-Earned Lesson 0 8 4b, 15
Intriguing Snippet 0 20 43
Jade Fragment 300 300 21
Justificande Coin 0 16 150-159, 1010
Knob of Scintillack 0 5 150


Legal Document 0 5 70, 95
Magnificent Diamond 0 1 150


Maidservant's Uniform 0 1 95
Map Scrap 1 1 155
Memory of Light 0 1000 150

,[1] 300

Modish Bonnet 0 1 12
Night on the Town 0 1 70
Night-Whisper 4 4 130
Nodule of Deep Amber 500 1500 18, 150[1]
Nodule of Pulsating Amber 0 11 320
Pair of Cracksman's Mittens 0 1 160
Pair of Vakeskin Boots 5 5 400
Parabola-Linen Frock 0 1 320
Parabola-Linen Suit 0 1 320
Parabolan Orange-apple 1 1 340
Patent Scrutinizer 0 1 150


Penny 500 8277 34, 160
Personal Recommendation 0 2 110
Phosphorescent Scarab 0 1000 150


Piece of Rostygold 20 1610 2, 4b, 15, 38, 150
Presbyterate Passphrase 0 3 40
Primaeval Hint 0 3 110
Primordial Shriek 1020 1020 4, 130
Queen Mate 0 1 400
Rat on a String 2090 2090 3, 49
Ratwork Derringer 1 1 400
Ravenglass Knife 0 6 400, 2000
Relic of the Fourth City 100 100 155
Relic of the Second City 0 100 37
Relic of the Third City 0 1000 400
Revisionist Historical Narrative 0 1 1010
Rookery Password 0 12 95, 320
Set of Intricate Kifers 1 1 170
Seven-Throated Warbler 1 1 330
Silk Scrap 1000 1000 49
Solacefruit 7 7 400
Stalemate 0 1 400
Stolen Kiss 5 5 42
Storm-Threnody 12 12 130
Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe 0 25 160
Strong-Backed Labour 0 2 150, 320
Thirsty Bombazine Scrap 0 10 70
Uncanny Incunabulum 0 1 300
Veils-Velvet Scrap 0 1 160
Venom-Ruby 0 5 150


Vial of Tears of the Bazaar 0 1 370
What Might Be A Thunderbolt 0 1 400
Whisper-Satin Scrap 175 175 150, 160
Winsome Dispossessed Orphan 1 1 130
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 Needed to upgrade your lab equipment if you haven't already.
  2. You will need 200 bottles for every additional exchange you want to make for Bottles of Black Wings Absinthe.