Equipment for Scientific Experimentation

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How well equipped is your Laboratory?

Suitable for works of Science.

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Unlocked with


1: Equipped with a few chemicals (from Stock a few simple compounds)
2: Equipped with chemicals and optical apparatus (from Set up some lenses in especially glorious style or Set up some lenses)
3: Well furnished for optical and chemical work (from Add mirrors and light sources)
4: Equipped with a range of books and equipment (from Bring in some key volumes from your personal library)
5: Equipped with poisons, gunpowder, and some particularly dangerous books (from Lay in some explosives)
6: Jammed with equipment and vials of things that fizz and pop, spin and rattle (from Add some aleatory methods or Add alternative aleatory methods or Design your own aleatory methods)
7: Lined with bookcases full of rare books, and stocked with precious equipment (from Keep your equipment minutely calibrated or Rely on ratwork to keep your equipment in order)
9: Lavishly furnished with every imaginable requirement (from Improve your equipment as much as possible (10 FATE))

Level Change Descriptions[edit]

1: Your lab contains a few useful chemicals.
2: Your lab is equipped for simple optical work.
3: Your lab contains the necessities for more advanced optical investigations.
4: In addition to the apparatus, your lab contains a small library.
5: Your lab now features a special area for safely containing explosions.
6: Your lab possesses delicate devices to detect any perturbations in chance and likelihood.
7: Your lab now benefits from some very fine writing on Cryptopalaeontology.
9: Your lab is now furnished with every device you can think of.