Ask what might happen if the Creditor does contact the Bazaar

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From: A Meeting Chaired by the Efficient Commissioner

Action Cost: 0

Best to be prepared, if this is likely to come soon.



"The most likely outcome," says the Efficient Commissioner, "is that the Bazaar would attempt to honour the debt immediately – even if it proved damaging to London, or fatal to itself."

"No self-preservification," says Mr Pages.

Description summary:
Additional board members may make comments, if present.

Board MemberComment
The Hell-Scarred Gondolier"I move that the Bazaar take her place within the White Walls," says the Hell-Scarred Gondolier. "Hell would prepare a place for her." The Board Secretary looks up, startled. Was that a motion according to the rules of order? Should he minute it? [...]
AprilOn her own notes, April has sketched the Bazaar in the midst of a highly detailed explosion. Her spires have toppled; her lower levels are on fire. An ejected Master is struggling with its robes, trying to free its wings before it crashes to earth.

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