Ask what she needs from you

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From: A Meeting Chaired by the Efficient Commissioner

There must be a reason she has interrupted a board meeting.

Game Instructions: This will move the conversation along. Choose it after you have asked any other questions you want to ask.

Unlocked with Seeking a Submerged Throne Room


You did have some business of your own...


[…] I moved to a second plan: preparing us to resolve the debt forever." […]

[…] The Solicitor-Baroness has been preparing for something large to be delivered to the Bazaar. I arranged […] to intercept the delivery and let me look at it before taking it onward. […]

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Board MemberComment
JanuaryJanuary, you note, has taken from her waistcoat something that looks like a pocketwatch. Weighing whether this is the right time to strike a blow for the Liberation […]? But after a moment she tucks the device back in her pocket. […]

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