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From: The Envoy from Elsewhere 2

The Envoy frowns. "We are at a stalemate."

Game Instructions: Learn how to reduce Progress to ensure you can enter Arbor.

Unlocked with Et In Arbor Ego 1-2, and at least 2 of the following:


Arresting progress

The Envoy sighs and shakes her head. "[…] I can only bring two. I want one of those to be you. But too many of the others are close to solving the mystery. Hinder one of their progress, and we can proceed." […] "Perhaps your 'Mayor' can help."

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Success Instructions: Reduce Progress from unwanted candidates by betraying their secrets to their rivals. You can also share their secrets with the Mayor from the main 'Hallowmas 1896: Where did the Rosers Go?' card.