Assemble your salvaged thoughts

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From: Ambition: Nemesis – What Lilac Said

Perhaps while sipping a glass of rich wine, or even that whisky you'd reserved for the worst. You deserve a little comfort, before the end.

Unlocked with 100 x Cryptic Clue


A plan in the making

[…] Lilac spoke reluctantly of a service undertaken to Cups; […] a tattoo of the Correspondence sigil […].

[…] Cups resides in its sanctum now, surrounded by […] mirrored glass. Each has a chip removed[…]. But[…] mirrors can be repaired […]

Description summary:
When Lilac was hired by Cups for a tattoo of the symbol you learnt from Scathewick, she observed the sanctum it's usurped from the absent Mr Mirrors. All its mirrors are chipped, since each one is a possible entrance from the land behind the glass. Repair one and slip through, and you would have your Nemesis at your mercy.

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