Assist your friend with their Nightmares

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From: Attend to Matters of Watchfulness and Nightmares

They are sleepless and wild eyed. Their speech is frenzied. Their nightmares are becoming a real problem. They should talk to you about them.

Game Instructions: They must have Nightmares of at least 3.

Your friend needs Nightmares 3

When Sent

You've sent the invitation

Perhaps you may be able to bring them some modicum of peace.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You have reached out to [Friend's name] to help them with their Nightmares.

Your friend will receive:

  • Eyesmall.png [Your name] has seen that you are suffering from Nightmares, and wishes to assist.

Redirects to: Allow an Acquaintance to Alleviate your Fears (sincere)