Bag of Lethean Tea-Leaves

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These dusky purplish leaves have, the story goes, been steeped in the water of Lethe. Which means they're used tea-leaves. Nevertheless: using this item has the power to cancel your current Ambition.

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Brewing a Nice Cup of Lethean Tea

The fire is lit. The kettle is on. The cup is warm. The leaves are ready. Everything is prepared. Are you absolutely certain you want to forget your Ambition?

Game Instructions: You may use this at any point before concluding your Ambition, to reset it and choose another. Once your Ambition is completed, you will not be able to reset it.


Drink Lethean Tea
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with 1 x Bag of Lethean Tea-Leaves
    Locked with A True Denizen of the Neath



    You drank the tea!

    Success Instructions: Your Ambition has been cancelled. You may begin another if you so wish.

    • Vialyellowsmall.png You've lost 1 x Bag of Lethean Tea-Leaves
    • Placeholder2small.png An occurrence! Your '[Ambition]' Quality has gone!
    • Placeholder2small.png You no longer have any of this: '[all Ambition-related items and qualities]'
Your Ambition is complete!