Benjamin Villein

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From: Knife-and-Candle: Find a sponsor

An official of the Ministry of Public Decency. His eyes are cold and steady behind his glasses. Is he, truly, the Face-Tailor of rumour? […He] enjoys following Baroque players, whether they win or not. He will need you to write up reports, though.

Game Instructions: Villein may give you London Street Signs if your Baroque is high at the end of a Hunt - the higher the better, but aim for 100.

Unlocked with Uncovering the Secrets of the Face-Tailor 1, 2 x Knife-and-Candle: A Proud Parade of Victories, 1 x Moon League Token

Locked with Making your Moves


He licks his lips

"Watch for candles in the dark." His voice is higher-pitched than you might have expected. "You'll bring me a report on what occurred, yes?"