Bewilder your opponent!

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From: Hunting in the Moon League

Demonstrate the intricate brillliance of your schemes! But what if you've played into their hands?

Game Instructions: This is a Baroque! contest.

Unlocked with Baroque! 1, Making your Moves 4, Gambit: the Season of Revolutions no, Waiting your Turn? not, You are Locked in a Hunt with a friend

Challenge with Baroque!

Once Chosen

Pawns and knights and queens and kings...

Did you win, or lose? Find out below...


You laid your plans as a spider spins, if that spider were also a chess-player, and perhaps a conductor of orchestras. And you snared [Friend]! Victory is yours. You won! (Their form was [Form], and their Baroque was [Value].)


Your plans were strong, your strategies merciless. But [Friend] was stronger and more merciless still. They won! Some day, perhaps, you will have revenge... (Their form was [Form], and their Baroque was [Value].)

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