Call on your Infernal contacts

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From: Seek out the Solicitor-Baroness

A Devil of dubious loyalties will arrange a meeting at Caligula's coffee shop.

Game Instructions: You could also speak to Mr Spices, at Station VIII; doing so will not prevent you from also speaking to the Solicitor-Baroness.

Unlocked with 1 x Favours: Hell


An indelicate question, left unasked

[…] "You […] would like to learn more about the reproductive process that is unfolding within Mr Spices. […]

[…] "If you would like to witness the birth of a Curator, that could be arranged in a way that is beneficial to all parties involved."

Description summary:
The end of the first paragraph changes if you have a particular item

The Robe of Mr CardsDescription
No"Perhaps you, yourself, have an interest in such liaisons? No matter."
Yes"Perhaps you are thinking of your own future? No matter."

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Redirects to: Further Conversation with the Creditor's Solicitor