Card Frequency

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Every card within your deck possesses an individual draw rate. If you click on a card and hover your mouse pointer over the "i" icon (in the top right corner of the card description), you'll learn the frequency category to which the card belongs.

For a list of cards of each supported frequency, see Category:Card Frequency.


(from least common to most common)

  • Rarererest (1)
  • Rare (10)
  • Unusual (20)
  • Very Infrequent (50)
  • Infrequent (80)
  • Standard (100)
  • Frequent (200)
  • Abundant (500)
  • Ubiquitous (1000)

Comment: Due to the unintuitive way opportunity deck works, cards with frequency below standard are rarer, and cards with frequency above standard are more common, than one would expect. This effect is stronger for small decks and almost negligible for large decks.