Chart a course to more dangerous shores

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From: A Return to Terra Firma

You have reached the limit of what the tamer zees might teach you. But there is one place where you might learn such secrets of the Unterzee as London can only dream of. It is time to enter the heart of the Snares.

Game Instructions: This will reveal Gaider's Mourn on your map of the Unterzee, for a small cost. Gaider's Mourn is a perilous place, where the limits of your zeefaring will be tested. Step carefully.

Unlocked with Base Zeefaring 5, 1 x Relatively Safe Zee Lane

Locked with Discovered: Gaider's Mourn


Caught in the Snares

The route […] to reach [...] Gaider's Mourn is not so much 'safe' as it is 'slightly less deadly'. […] a refreshing challenge of your prowess […] the Labyrinth of Eels proves an entertaining diversion. The process of actually zailing […] is liable to be less sedate.

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Success Instructions: You may now choose to zail to Gaider's Mourn from Your Cabin, accessible via the Wolfstack Docks.