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From: Ambition: The Conjunction of Gifts

You want to walk on the Surface again. You want nothing less than the sun, the sea, and the stars – the real stars!

Unlocked with Ambition: Heart's Desire! 802-805


The deeps of winter

A wider, unruly debate begins. […]

[…] "Here's what I propose. A winter palace, as luxuriously-appointed as we can make it […]"

It is not, perhaps, the boundless freedom you hoped for. […] It may not be your heart's desire. But perhaps it is enough.

Description summary:
The Masters inform you that sunlight can very well kill you, but there are times and locations on the surface of the world where the sunlight is not strong. They will build you a home in the Arctic, complete with amenities for your comfort.

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Success Instructions: You have completed your ambition, but countless more stories await in Fallen London. There is also a short epilogue to be found in your Opportunity Deck. Every four weeks, Time the Healer will unlock a special reward storylet in your lodgings. We have ensured the first instalment will come more quickly. From all of us at Failbetter Games: congratulations, and thank you.