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I am all for it. A few thoughts:

  •  What's the rationale for listing unlocking as a use but not locking? And if there is a rationale for not conflating these then shouldn't there also be a child category for locking instances (much as we have gain and loss child categories)?
  • I assume you are intending to somewhat automate this? If so, this might be the time (since you'd be going through all the categories anyway) to also create the Loss/Gain categories. In many case (see, e.g.) can be navigated to and actually list the relevant pages but the category page itself doesn't "exist" (since you can "Create" it by pressing a button).
  • Given that most (all?) content will be moving to the plain page, are we envisaging any content at all to remain on the category pages (including the Gain/Loss children categories). See, for example,, which contains an image and a statement that "Actions that gain Zailing Difficulty".
  • Given the shifting focus to the structure, it might be an idea to have a parent category for both and. For example, the category I recently created is a sub-category of and so doesn't contain <a href="/wiki/An_Invitation_to_a_Humble_Wedding" title="An Invitation to a Humble Wedding">An Invitation to a Humble Wedding</a>, an Item. But the "flavour" of is that it should contain it.