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From: The Osteology Lab

You have added to the world's collective knowledge. Best let the world know.

Unlocked with Proposed Taxon: Diplodocus, Titanosaurus, Allosaurus, Coelurus, Stegosaurus, Polacanthus, Iguanodon, Hadrosaurus, Bone under Examination: A Femur, Possibly Jurassic, The Forelimb of an Unidentified Beast



It will appear in the Annals of the London Zoological Society. But it will take a few months for it to pass peer review and survive the tender attentions of the Ministry's most bored censors.

With Bone under Examination: A Femur, Possibly Jurassic:

With Bone under Examination: The Forelimb of an Unidentified Beast: