Con a Palaeontological Yank

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From: Larceny at Balmoral

A sunburnt American has come to the Neath in search of rare bones. Against all odds, he's found something. Time to take it from him.

Game Instructions: This will consume your Cover Identity and give you a very valuable ribcage.

Unlocked with Casing... 10, Cover Identity: Backstory 80, Cover Identity: Elaboration 10, Cover Identity: Nuance 5, Cover Identity: Credentials 5, Balmoral: Darkness 4


"Say, that's a bully idea!"

You pose as a […] scholar, explaining [….] the many [….] burdens placed by the […] Masters […] on the [….] sale of bones. […]

[…] he's profusely thankful for […] employing the help of your […] friends to cart the ribcage over to the University, where it can be properly examined [….]

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