Con a Seasoned Smuggler

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From: Larceny at Jericho Locks

He's recently collected on some old gambling debts, and come into possession of a captivating diamond. With the right story, you might convince him to part with it.

Unlocked with Casing... 10, Cover Identity: Backstory 80, Cover Identity: Elaboration 10, Cover Identity: Credentials 5, Cover Identity: Witnesses 5, Discovered: The Fiddler's Scarlet, Jericho Locks: Darkness 4


A favour

You assume the identity (and staccato Sicilian accent) of a Reprehensible Physician.[…]

It's bundled in silk rags and truly exceptional, big as a baby's fist. […]

At the end of the evening, he agrees to sell you the diamond 'at a friendly discount' […]

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