Conclude your business with Mr Wines

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From: Reporting to Mr Wines

You have no more stories to give.

Game Instructions: Ensure that you have surrendered all of the stories you wish to. Any remaining stories will be removed. You will not be able to return to hand them in.

Unlocked with HandedInThird (hidden)


An end

(See table below)

Description summary:
The text changes if all three relationships were catastrophic (tracked with the Bazaar's inclination quality).

Number of Catastrophic RelationshipsDescription
0 - 2 (Not all catastrophic)Mr Wines has received its due. As you leave the Parlour of Virtues […], you see briefly, a flicker of Correspondence against the Neath-Roof. The Bazaar stirs, if only for a moment. Then, the lights fade to a dull glow. Perhaps you've helped.
3 (All catastrophic)[…] you see […] a flicker of Correspondence against the Neath-Roof. The colours shine in Gant and Apocyan, a palette of mournful hue. Perhaps something has shifted. Perhaps you've helped. Already the sigils are fading to their usual searing incandescence.

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