Conclude your study of diamond implantation

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From: Assess your Progress regarding the Study in the Transplantation of a Heart of Diamond

How do you go about replacing a heart with a shard of the Mountain? Where does the transformation come from?

Unlocked with Experimental Object exactly 495 (Study how to replace a person's heart with a Shard of the Mountain of Light, Study the Mountain-Sherd you have on hand or Study your very own Shard of the Mountain of Light), 250 x Laboratory Research


Knives, glasses, mirrors, self-knowledge

The achievement is at once surgery, execution, and benediction.

[…] By the time you're ready to pronounce the experiment complete, you've turned half a dozen warblers into sentient bird-houses. One must […] trust that the same process applies to people.

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Success Instructions: To advance this project, you will need to meet the Hillchanger Tower at Ealing Gardens. You will wish to bring a Venom-Ruby for the surgery and a Viric-Filled Mirrorcatch Box to lull the patient.

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