Study your very own Shard of the Mountain of Light

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From: Begin a Scientific Investigation

For most people, this would be a costly operation. You, however, already possess a lab sample more perfect than any ordinary person could attain.

Game Instructions: This will advance the story of the Solicitor-Baroness' proposal, without the costs otherwise associated. It will not use up your Kitten-Sized Diamond.

Unlocked with A Kitten-Sized Diamond, Liberated from the Mountain, Awaiting the Outcome of the Baroness' Proposal (hidden)

Locked with Familiarity with the Method of Transplanting a Diamond Heart


An examination


To prepare, you must practice[…]

It is a task drawing on many disciplines at once[…]

You[…] have a very significant advantage. You have been living with a Shard of the Mountain[…]. You are familiar with its effects[…] Its light does not over-dazzle you any more.

[Find the rest of the story at]

Conclusion: Conclude your study of diamond implantation