Confront your opponent!

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From: Hunting in the Moon League

Challenge them openly! You're better prepared for a pitched battle.

Game Instructions: This is a Savage! contest. If your opponent is using the Trick of the Light Gambit, they will be immune to this attack and won't appear in the target list.

Unlocked with Savage! 1, You are Locked in a Hunt with 1, Making your Moves 4, Waiting your Turn?

Challenge with Savage!

Once Chosen

Steel, blood and candle-light

Did you win, or lose? Find out below...


[Friend] could not match your skill, your speed, and your careful preparations. Their blood cools in the gutter. (Their form was [Form], and their Savage was [Value].)


You fought valiantly, but [Friend] has defeated you. Pick yourself up, patch up your wounds and learn from experience. All shall be well, eventually. (Their form was [Form], and their Savage was [Value].)

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