Consider the Giggling Charwoman

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From: Pursuing Leads for the Youthful Naturalist

Action Cost: 0

Where can you find the Youthful Naturalist's contact?

Locked with Tracking Down the Charwoman 4


Evading detection

[...] She might be a charwoman, but she's also a talented thief.

Now she has more contraband to deliver [...] that will aid the [...] Naturalist's search [...]

But her [...] employers haven't seen the [...] Charwoman lately. Has she been avoiding them? Or is she avoiding you? [...]

Success Instructions:

Tracking Down the CharwomanInstructions
0-2Search your Opportunity Deck in London to find the Giggling Charwoman.
3Visit the Second Coil in the Labyrinth of Tigers to meet the Giggling Charwoman.