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From: Consulting the Parish Council

Action Cost: 0

It is unclear how much help a mouse can be in this matter, but she does spend most of her time in the vestry, if passed out in a cheesy haze.

Unlocked with Church Mouse exactly 1


A languid opinion

(See table below)

Description summary:
The advice given varies based on the Decision before the Parish Council.

Decision before the Parish CouncilDescription
4: Old ChurchyardMrs Frumple squeaks and disappears into her bed of straw. It seems she does not like the graves. She offers no opinion beyond this.
5: Collection PlateMrs Frumple gazes on the pilgrims and squeaks indignantly. Is she hoping for no more visitors […] so that she may snooze undisturbed? Or is she hoping that the growing reputation of the church will bring flocks of new visitors eager to pamper her?
6: Drummer's PilgrimsMrs Frumple gazes on the pilgrims and squeaks noisily. It seems she has hopes that one of the devils is carrying a nice bit of Wensleydale.
7: The Drummer's DueMrs Frumple is nowhere to be found. At last, the Reverend tells you that she has sent her off to stay with a friend in Balmoral. "The noise was too much for her. Such delicate little ears."
8: Daughter ChurchMrs Frumple squeaks plaintively. It is the sort of squeak that indicates that she would be happy wandering the great floors of the Magistracy of the Evenlode where there are ever so many corners and nooks in which she could explore. […]

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