A Church in the Wild (Guide)

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Having built the station at Burrow-Infra-Mump, you see the ruins of a church. As the esteemed Director of the Great Hellbound Railway, you have no reason to found a church, but why would a personage such as yourself need something as mundane as a reason?

Many thanks to tackpine on Reddit for their lovely guide!

Possible outcomes and their impacts[edit]

The outcomes of the Church in the Wild story line will enable different grinds in Burrow-Infra-Mump (all for one action per item, subject to various attribute checks):

From a power-gaming perspective, the Anglican variant will lower the costs of Terrorbird young.png Wing of a Young Terror Bird from around 1.09 actions (via Duplicate the wings of a Young Terror Bird) to 1 action. The Wild variant will lower the costs of Mapfragment.png Glass Gazettes from 1.76 actions (via How much research and how much dream?) to one action. Hell gives you the best source for Arm.png Human Arms, twice as efficient as Acquire human remains from the criminals (and without being limited by favours).

(It should also be noted that none of these three items are essential: Mapfragment.png Glass Gazettes are horribly inefficient in Lost in Strange Lands even if grinded for one action, Arm.png Human Arms are amongst the least interesting ways to assemble a skeleton. This leaves Terrorbird young.png Wing of a Young Terror Bird, which seems marginally useful, where the Church based grind is only minutely more efficient.)

Bottledsoulorange.png Queer Souls, Paperstack.png Sworn Statements and Bread.png Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits are more easily obtained using the actions Rob the Museum of Souls, Ambush an Aging Detective and Burgle a Public House when you are also interested in Echo grinding. Zzoupcan.png Tin of Zzoup is more efficiently bought than grinded for and if you need Pawn.png Vienna Openings for some reason, the best way to get them is to Ambush a courier and then Recognize an opening.

Arguably, the most important decision is not the overall outcome but the dedication of your church.

If and only if you dedicate your church to a Custom-Made Saint, this will allow you to build a statue dedicated to said saint. The statue card will then lower the cost of Bone2.png Flourishing Ribcages from 11 actions (via Create a Flourishing Ribcage) to only three actions (which all require Under the Statue at Burrow-Infra-Mump) while also yielding Icon-echo.png 4.5 in items and giving a Bone5.png Prismatic Frame on a rare success.

On the other hand, if you dedicate your church to the Drummer, you will be able to Invite the Drummer to your Railway Board for the cost of only Cross.png 3 x Verse of Counter-Creed} (approximately Icon-echo.png 37.5) instead of a Angelclose.png False Hagiotoponym (Icon-echo.png 62.50). The Drummer has absolutely no objections to voting for dividends or to kicking the Tentacled Entrepreneur off the Board.

Last things first[edit]

The crucial part of founding your church is how your Declaim.png Church: Evangelism and Angel.png Church: Isolationism; Reliquary.png Church: Ostentation and Sack.png Church: Humility; and Holdinghands.png Church: Orthodoxy and Cross.png Church: Iconoclasm stack up during the Bishop's Inspection at the end. During the inspection, a series of comparisons are made for each pair. The file below can be read by starting from the top and following the arrows. Churchinburrow.png

Church decision visualisation.png

Afterwards, depending on Reliquary.png Ostentation and Sack.png Humility, you have the opportunity to change your final result if you have selected a patron:

  • Reliquary.png Ostentation > Sack.png Humility
    • The Diocesan Church of Hell can be switched with the Counter-Church in the Wild and vice versa
    • The Church in the Wild can be switched with the Anglican Church
  • Sack.png Humility > Reliquary.png Ostentation
    • The Church in the Wild can be switched with the Counter-Church in the Wild

Selecting a Deacon, Catechist, and Lay Minister[edit]


Deacon Requirement Effect
Zaira.png The Clandestine Curate Declaim.png 3 x Evangelism
September.png September Church.png A Friend of September 5 Cross.png 3 x Iconoclasm
Deacon.png The Intrepid Deacon (FATE) Deacon.png Intrepid Deacon Reliquary.png 3 x Ostentation


Catechist Requirement Effect
Devilesspillbox.png The Gilded Minister Cross.png 3 x Iconoclasm
Bluestocking.png The Querulous Theologian Bluestocking.png Membership of God's Editors Holdinghands.png 3 x Orthodoxy
Crimsoncaptain.png The Crimson Captain (FATE) Crimsoncaptain.png Crimson Captain Angel.png 3 x Isolationism

Lay Ministers[edit]

Deacon Requirement Effect
Idleheirglasses.png The Optimistic Vice-Admiral Declaim.png 3 x Evangelism
Smokingnun.png Sister Lydia Smokingnun.png Sister Lydia Sack.png 3 x Humility
Electionshoshana.png Madame Shoshana Bohogirl1.png Renown: Bohemians 25 Reliquary.png 3 x Ostentation

Dedication, Style, and Liturgy[edit]

Dedicating the Church[edit]

Dedicant Requirements Effects
Rosepetals.png Saint Cecilia
Skeleton.png A Custom-made Saint
Drum.png The Drummer

The Interior of the Church[edit]

Style Requirements Effects
Bread.png Plain and unadorned
Wineglass.png Splendours
Neathroof.png Oddities

The Liturgy of the Church[edit]

Doctrine Requirements Effects
Mercyhand.png Security
Holdinghands.png Community
Declaim2.png Uniqueness

Parish Clerk, Church Mouse, Patron[edit]

It is not necessary for you to expand the Parish Council. However, why would you not?

Parish Clerks[edit]

Clerk Requirement Effects
Pioushenchman.png A Pious Henchman Pioushenchman.png Pious Henchman
Nun.png An Enfranchised Anchoress Nun.png An Enfranchised Anchoress
Clergy2.png The Submerged Rector Clergy2.png A Submerged Rector

Church "Mice"[edit]

"Mouse" Requirement Effect
Ratalbinoclose.png Mrs Frumple
Fox2.png A Bedraggled, Forlorn Fox (FATE) Fox2.png A Bedraggled, Forlorn Fox
Auroch carnivorous.png A Dream-dwelling Carnivorous Aurochs Auroch dreamdwelling.png Dream-dwelling Carnivorous Aurochs


Patron Requirement Effects
Brazeniconoclast.png The Dean of Xenotheology Brazeniconoclast.png Board Member: The Dean of Xenotheology
Bishopofstfiacres.png The Bishop of St Fiacre's Bishopofstfiacres.png Board Member: The Bishop of Saint Fiacre's
Electionbishop.png The Bishop of Southwark

Graveyard, Collection, and Pilgrims[edit]

What to do with the bodies?[edit]

Decision Requirements Effects
Toolbox.png Dig up the graves
Hellgorge.png Leave the graves be
Reliquary.png Reconsecrate the graves

What should the church spend its money on?[edit]

Cause Requirements Effects
Societywoman.png The betterment of the poor
Whispered secret.png Unpopular causes
Coingold.png The Church

The Arrival of the Pilgrim-Devils[edit]

Decision Requirements Effects
Hellgate.png Permit the pilgrims entry
Whispered secret.png Encourage the pilgrims to patronise the church instead
Handstop.png Send the pilgrims away

The Drummer, the Mission, and the Unbishop[edit]

The Devil's Due[edit]

Decision Requirements Effects
Toolbox.png Bury the Drummer-in-the-Depths
Rosepetals.png Play wildly
Whispered secret.png Play softly
Drum.png Ask the Drummer to forgo his request
Clergy2.png Summon the Submerged Rector

A Mission to the Hinterlands[edit]

Where Requirements Effects
Church.png Ealing Gardens
Rowboat.png Jericho Locks
Ruinssecond.png The Magistracy of the Evenlode
Crown2.png Balmoral
Retort.png Station VIII
Hillmover.png Expand the Church here

Raising an Unbishop[edit]

Who Requirements Effects
Zaira.png The Clandestine Curate
September.png September
Deacon.png The Intrepid Deacon (FATE)
Devilesspillbox.png The Gilded Minister
Bluestocking.png The Querulous Theologian
Crimsoncaptain.png The Crimson Captain (FATE)
Idleheirglasses.png The Optimistic Vice-Admiral
Smokingnun.png Sister Lydia
Electionshoshana.png Madame Shoshana