Contact a Tight-Lipped Diplomat

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From: Khaganian Intrigue: The Matter of an Agent

He works for the Foreign Office; in the department that plants spies in the Khanate, not the one that ferrets out the Khanate's spies.


A friend in the Khanate

The agent you are to bring to the Khanate [...] wears a Khaganian naval uniform and the weathered face of a man who's been at zee too long. [...] "He looks the part, does he not? He may need some help when you get there. But we promise he will be no trouble."
  • Lurkersilhouettesmall.png Deliver the Wayward Navigator to the Khanate, and help him infiltrate. (Sets An Agent in Transit: to 20 - A Wayward Navigator)

Conclusion: Plant an agent