Decipher a lesser-known route to a busy port

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From: Assemble your Partial Maps

The queues for moorings at Port Cecil are notoriously interminable. But these maps suggest a back way through the knife-sharp reef – one that could dodge the rush.

Game Instructions: This will reveal the Principles of Coral on your map of the Unterzee, for a small cost. There are cheaper, less reliable ways to achieve this at zee. The Principles are most suitable for players who have concluded some voyages of scientific discovery.

Unlocked with Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery 2, 8 x Partial Map

Locked with Discovered: The Principles of Coral (hidden)


A safe and silvered path

Each fragment of map uses different names for the same landmarks, and none [...] are drawn to the same scale. Nonetheless, you are able to discern a narrow passage through the labyrinth of coral [...] Perhaps Port Cecil will be a productive place to visit...

Success Instructions: You may now choose to zail to the Principles of Coral from Your Cabin, accessible via the Wolfstack Docks.