Deed to a Decommissioned Steamer

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Not a safe place, down by the Unterzee shore. Nor warm. But it's quiet, and offers good opportunities for beachcombing. Select this in your Inventory to move into your new lodgings. Allows three cards in your hand.

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It can be purchased from Penstock's Land Agency in the Bazaar, but cannot be sold there.

Buying 800 x Shard of Glim "Ah, the tides," Penstock sighs. "The moon might not touch this place, but there are... other motives."

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The Decommissioned Steamer

The steamer once braved the Unterzee, to the tomb-colonies and even as far as the Elder Continent. These days she is stuck on the shore, held fast by mud and black coral. Her engine is long gone.


Move to the Decommissioned Steamer
Reclaim the Decommissioned Steamer