Dig near Moulin

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From: Sponsor a Palaeontological Dig

You'll probably find archaeological items, too.

Game Instructions: This will get you seven Palaeontological Discoveries and a varying amount of Rusted Stirrups.

Unlocked with Involved in a Railway Venture 110, 10 x Magisterial Lager, 1 x Strong-Backed Labour 175 x Survey of the Neath's Bones


Artefacts and bones

[see below]

Description summary:
Description changes if you have a Buccaneering Palaeontologist.

Default"We keep finding things of a not-strictly palaeontological nature." The Debonair Palaeontologist is showing you one of the Khaganian artefacts [...]; those crop up frequently around Moulin. "Bit of a disappointment. But plenty of bones, too."
Buccaneering Palaeontologist"Would be easier if we didn't keep finding this tat," the Buccaneering Palaeontologist declares, pointing to a crate full of rusted artefacts recovered from the mud. "Gets in the way of finding bones. But maybe you have some use for them."

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