Dig near the Magistracy of the Evenlode

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From: Sponsor a Palaeontological Dig

On the muddy banks of the Stolen River.

Game Instructions: This will get you a Thorned Ribcage, a Horned Skull, and a varying amount of Femurs of Jurassic Beasts, Jet Black Stingers, and Fin Bones.

Unlocked with Involved in a Railway Venture 70, 1 x Strong-Backed Labour, 75 x Survey of the Neath's Bones


Ancient bones, recovered

When you return to collect the bones, the Debonair Palaeontologist has arranged a collection of them on a table. They form the rough shape of a four-legged beast. "Devonian? Ordovician? No, must be more recent. Triassic, perhaps."