Dream-Trophies of Parabola

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How often have you tracked and captured an animal of dreams?

Gain this by hunting creatures from your Parabolan Base-Camp.

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Unlocked with


1: You have hunted in Parabola
2 - 14: You have hunted more than one creature in Parabola
15 - 24: You have hunted many animals through the jungles of Parabola
25 - 49: You are a veteran of the Parabolan Hunt and a frequent wayfarer of the Hanging Mountains
50 - 76: Whole dream-forests have been depopulated by your Parabolan hunts
77 - 149: Your Parabolan hunts have taken down the monsters dreamed there by all London
150 - 776: You have hunted times without number in Parabola, even though the trails from your Base-Camp are always new
777+: Your Parabolan hunts are legend. The courtiers of the Red-Handed Queen have been known to lurk and watch the sport

Level Change Descriptions

1: Many of the trophies of the Parabolan Hunt cannot be displayed in your lodgings, but you retain them in Parabola, and dream of them whenever you wish.
4: You have accrued another trophy of your Parabolan hunts.
5: You take the fifth trophy of a Parabolan hunt, sign of another success.
6 - 41: You have accrued another trophy of your Parabolan hunts.