Dream of Arbor in the company of the Duchess

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From: The Envoy from Elsewhere 2

The Envoy has selected the Duchess to enter the red-rose city with you.

Game Instructions: This will unlock a unique ending involving the Duchess. To change this, lower her Progress by betraying her secrets to the other characters on their card.

Unlocked with Et In Arbor Ego 1-2, The Duchess' Progress 3

Locked with The Widow's Progress 3, The Princess' Progress 3


You go where the Rosers did

[…]There is a long road[…] paved with white stones. They bake beneath a dual sunlight: an orange glow in the sky, and a brighter more insistent light from the south.[…]

[…] The Envoy is waiting […] The Duchess is already at her side.[…]

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