Drink at the Arrant Limpet

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From: Explore Gaider's Mourn

The Arrant Limpet is much like a Wolfstack tavern, if such a tavern were bolted to a rockface and swayed with the breeze. Watch your step.

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


A heightened establishment

Zailors from the Khanate rub shoulders with Chelonite hunters and Withern buccaneers. The atmosphere here is charged and tetchy; [...] Zailors drink around their discomfort, transforming it into a nervous kind of revelry.


Description summary:
The second paragraph varies based on the Airs of the Mourn.

AirsSecond Paragraph
9A Blemmigan crawls in through the tavern window – has it come with a ship, or climbed all the way up the stalagmite? Regulars cheer while the barmaid chases it with a broom. Only the onlookers seem to be enjoying the farce.
16 - 19A Boisterous Captain bursts into the tavern, accompanied by her hollering crew. The reception from the patrons is frosty – until she offers to buy the house a drink. Her ship, it seems, has landed a big score, and she is soon the toast of the hour.
20 - 24The Pirate-Poet drinks in a corner [...] She didn't come here with you. [...] This is as much her home as any other, and her poetry has many admirers here. She's resting, just watching the crowd after a much requested performance of REMEMBER POLYTHREME.
34There are little roosts in the rafters, intermittently occupied by Blue Prophets. [...] A white streak of guano falls from the ceiling and into a corsair's ale. His crewmates, stifling laughter, wait until the very last moment to tell him.
45A group of zailors raise their glasses in salute of a lost comrade. As they progress from one drink to many, their elegies become less and less sombre, and the ribald anecdotes flow ever-more freely. [...] Death is not something to be feared here.
54A rotted floorboard bows and splits beneath a zailor's boot, and he is swallowed up to his thigh [...] patrons from all corners rush to grab the unfortunate zailor beneath the shoulders, hauling him up [...] a new floorboard is nailed in place within the hour.
60 - 68A dice-game erupts in accusations of cheating. No one admits to ownership of the die with six on every side. Two corsairs, grasping each others' collars, crash against a [...] wall. It gives way – they plummet, screaming. They are rapidly out of earshot.
70 - 74A man in dishevelled officer's dress staggers out [...] For the last hour he has been sinking ales and bemoaning the state of the Admiralty [...] Now he steps incautiously [...] and stumbles [...] The barmaid sighs, and marks another tally on a chalkboard.
84A corsair sits at the battered piano, tapping out the opening bars of a popular shanty. The instrument is out of tune, and the corsair several drinks deep, but the response from the patrons is instant and joyous. The lyrics are much filthier here [...]
90 - 99It is a quiet day on the Mourn. The barmaid leans on the bar [...] She is used to chaos, and the lull has left her wanting for distraction. [...] she regales you with her stories of terrible patrons past. Good heavens. Some of these must be invented, surely?

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A quick drink and a long drop

Zailors from the Khanate rub shoulders with […] Withern buccaneers […] the thousand-foot drop waiting just beyond the threshold puts a dampener on the powder keg.

[…] The atmosphere in the Arrant Limpet is souring […] a ruckus seems inevitable.

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