Earn Distinctions of the higher orders: the Order Serpentine

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From: Knife-and-Candle: Awards and Sponsorship

The Order Serpentine favour the tactics of evasion and ambush. They're the ones who always make you jump when you realise they'd been standing there all a long. It makes queues more exciting. (One with these Distinctions gains a little Elusive.)

Unlocked with 1 x Order of the Wistful Rose, Unfettered

Locked with 1 x Order Vespertine, Perilous, 1 x Order Serpentine, Melancholy or 1 x Order Ovate, Night


A soft hiss

...as a tall woman with amused eyes extinguishes her cigarillo in a glass of wine. "Didn't see me come in, did you?" she asks. "I'll show you how to do that."