Encourage him to keep to the shadows

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From: Take the Louche Devil to the shroom-hopping

Don't get overambitious.

Challenge information

Narrow, Pygmalion 6 (60% base)

  • 5 - very chancy (50%)
  • 6 - chancy (60%)
  • 7 - modest (70%)
  • 8 - very modest (80%)
  • 9 - low-risk (90%)
  • 10 and above - straightforward (100%)


Unobtrusively successful

The Louche Devil takes your advice and doesn't draw attention to himself. And no one notices him. You observe his demeanour for a while, and from a distance, he could indeed be taken for a human man. It is a start.


Not quite ready after all

Although the Louche Devil stays out of the crowds, minding his own business, it's obvious he's not human. Worse, there's an air of menace around him. People give him a wide berth. You'll need to work on his demeanour a bit more.