Encourage him towards better manners

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From: A New Rat

He shouldn't be so demanding. You choose two confessions which suggest the path to avoid, if he wishes not to be wracked with guilt.

Game Instructions: This will turn your Working Rat into an Illuminated Rat, increasing your Watchful by 7, your Persuasive by 5 and your Respectable by 1.

Unlocked with 1 x Working Rat, 1 x The Cheery Man's Confession, 1 x The Jovial Contrarian's Confession


Gasps of distress

Your rat interjects with squeaks of sadness and displeasure. […] Several days later, he returns […] through the fresh-growing fur you can see a new tattoo. The design is intricate. "The Pedlar of Wonders. I made some new acquaintances."

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