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From: The Rewards of Ambition

You clamber up to your roof and sit, leaning against the chimney. Your false-star has wandered close overhead.

Game Instructions: This will grant a mix of rewards and reduce your Nightmares.

Unlocked with Ambition: Light Fingers! exactly 2500


The guardian star

There it is. Your blood, your eyes; a strange and fierce mind in a shell of blazing chitin. Is it looking back?


The false-star shines. […] You kept it safe from those who would enslave it. Perhaps […] it is keeping you safe in return.


Description summary:
You picnic in Bugsby's Marshes beneath the light of your child. The final paragraph is based on The Airs of London.[1] Wiki note: Numbers unaccounted for: 39, 59

AirsFinal paragraph
1 - 19You hear that Mr Fires has enacted a brutal clampdown on all forms of "inefficiency" at his factories. Forms of inefficiency include eating, pausing, visiting the lavatory. The irascible Master has become, by all accounts, more spiteful than ever.
20 - 38With the Hybrid false-star passing over London, the city is enveloped in a crepuscular gloam. […] Urchins frolic on rooftops. An impromptu foot-race is declared down Doubt Street. It suddenly becomes apparent how grimy the streets are.
40 - 58The blind astrologers at the observatory emerge from a period of intensive study. They declare […] that the entirety of London's future has changed due to the emergence of the new star. The Gazette declares their pronouncement "typical nincompoopery."
60 - 69With the brightest of false-stars passing overhead, you reunite with Clarabelle for tea and scones. You merrily speculate about the activities, the diet, the size of your progeny. As large as a cow, perhaps, by now?
70 - 79[…] constables, still investigating Hephaesta's disappearance from Mrs Plenty's Carnival, have implored citizens to stop approaching them to report dreams of "a muscular woman wandering along a smoking shore." Dreams […] are unlikely to hold up in court.
80 - 84You attend an opera, not realising that Clarabelle was playing a minor role. Her singing was beautiful and devastating and a highlight of the show. As she sung the final, hopeful notes, she stared up at the ceiling and smiled.
85 - 89In the faint twilight of the new star, secret doorways and narrow passageways and hitherto-hidden alleys have been discovered […] revealing dusty relics and forgotten wines of excellent vintage. Graffiti is discovered from before the Fall […]
90 - 100With the Hybrid false-star peeling back the darkness an invaluable fraction, the gaslamps are dimmed. Painters scramble to capture the city in a rare light. Restaurants drag their tables outside. A spontaneous street-party breaks out […]

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  1. Note: the text is based on the new Airs value, after it is randomized.