Enlist help from the Drownies

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From: Ruining a Mutton Island courtship

Colonies live under the waves near Mutton Island. Surely they can ensure that this pair will be kept apart for good?

Challenge information

Narrow, Kataleptic Toxicology 1 (50% base)

  • 0 - tough (40%)
  • 1 - very chancy (50%)
  • 2 - chancy (60%)
  • 3 - modest (70%)
  • 4 - very modest (80%)
  • 5 - low-risk (90%)
  • 6 and above - straightforward (100%)


A song from the deep

(See table below)

Description summary:
The text varies with the level of your Mutton Island Courtship quality.

Mutton Island CourtshipDescription
1 - The Custodial Chef and the Roaming RepleteThe Roaming Replete is so intrigued by the melancholy arias of the Drownie chorus that the Custodial Chef has to wade into the waters to pull her back. […] any plans for the afternoon must […] be called off in favour of a warm fire and long shiver.
2 - The Custodial Chef and the Dashing DrownieThe Dashing Drownie add his deep-chested anthems to the chorus. The Custodial Chef cannot help but note the similarities between his companion and the hollow-eyed singers off the shore. He shudders, only for a moment, but the Dashing Drownie sees.
3 - The Custodial Chef and the Hooded LadyThe Hooded Woman gives the wailing chorus a piece of her mind. This continues at length until eventually, ignored and faintly mortified, the Custodial Chef skulks away, unnoticed.
4 - The Melancholy Curate and the Roaming RepleteThe Melancholy Curate's attempts to preach to the Drownie choir are full-throated but ill-advised. […] the Roaming Replete, who paddles out in a raft laden with pearls to distract their attentions, prevents the chorus from gaining a new chorister. […]
5 - The Melancholy Curate and the Dashing DrownieThe Dashing Drownie drives the chorus away before the […] Curate approaches. It emerges the former captain can still command a ship […] He does, however, fail to notice that the Curate's expression falls as the Drownies disappear into the waves.
6 - The Melancholy Curate and the Hooded LadyThe Hooded Woman manages to calm the chorus with a few stern words […] the Melancholy Curate is able to deliver a sermon of surprising strength and zeal. The Drownies do not convert on the spot, but they do, at least, listen.
7 - Jervaise and the Roaming RepleteDespite the Roaming Replete's best efforts to encourage Jervaise to go elsewhere […] he remains sitting on the shore, listening to the Drownie chorus. Eventually, frustrated, she stalks away, leaving him sat in the sand with […] a smile on his face.
8 - Jervaise and the Dashing DrownieJervaise's attempts to enjoy the solemn chorus of the Drownies is ruined when the Dashing Drownie begins to muse on other noises that a Drownie might make. Jervaise is not amused.
9 - Jervaise and the Hooded LadyJervaise's attempts to listen […] are ruined by […] attempts to plug his ears […] They want to make you into one of 'em, and I'm telling you my love, blue ain't your colour!" Jervaise mumbles something about a favour having been returned, and stalks away […]

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With Mutton Island Courtship not 6:

With Mutton Island Courtship 6:


A rare sight! How fortunate

The Drownies surface in a mournful chorus along the shoreline. […] the pair […] find the whole affair utterly enchanting. The expulsions of water through the rotten gills of the chorus at the end only adds to the authenticity of the experience […]

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