Enter Hell for the first time

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From: The Very Walls of Hell

The Emissary gives you an inviting smile. Hell has no fear of arrivals: only departures trouble its clouded head.

Locked with For Want of a Lily, Null and Void 12, Forget-Me-Not, Weeping Triple-Headed Forget-Me-Not, A Visitor to Hell


The pilgrim in Hell

The Book of Pilgrims 7:5: The traveller was accompanied by a diplomatic corps. They took refreshment in the Chantry Place […]


The Book of Pilgrims 14:0: The traveller was not permitted to remember what came at the Sanctity of All Saviours. […]

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Success Instructions: You may enter Hell again in a week's time.

  • Rosebluesmall.png A blue flower pinned to your lapel, its colour Adriatic, its meaning unclear. (Gives Forget-Me-Not)
  • Hellgatesmall.png Hell has marked you by its passage. You will not be permitted to enter again until its touch on you has faded. (Sets A Visitor to Hell to 1)