Enter Hell for the second time

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From: The Very Walls of Hell

You have walked this way before. You have entered Hell's museums and witnessed its ancient triumphs. Perhaps Hell will open its gates all the same.

Unlocked with Null and Void 30

Locked with For Want of a Lily, Forget-Me-Not, Weeping Triple-Headed Forget-Me-Not, A Visitor to Hell


The pilgrim in Hell

The Book of Pilgrims 7:5: The traveller was accompanied by a diplomatic corps. They took refreshment in the Chantry Place […]


The Book of Pilgrims 14:0: The traveller was not permitted to remember what came at the Sanctity of All Saviours. […]

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Success Instructions: You may enter Hell again in a week's time.

  • Rosebluesmall.png A blue flower pinned to your lapel, its colour Adriatic, its meaning unclear. (Gives Forget-Me-Not)
  • Hellgatesmall.png Hell has marked you by its passage. You will not be permitted to enter again until its touch on you has faded. (Sets A Visitor to Hell to 1)