Establish a Parabolan Base-Camp

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From: The Honey-Dens of Veilgarden

Action Cost: 0

Honey-dreams lie far from the headwaters of the Writhing River. Nevertheless, the dreamers here wear a rut that the River's distributaries may sometimes follow.

Unlocked with 300 x Memory of Light, 1 x Antique Mystery, 1 x Set of Cosmogone Spectacles, 1 x Direful Reflection

Locked with Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp


Safe territory

It is not reaching Parabola that presents a challenge. The difficulty is finding your way to a place you can revisit[…]The air smells like the cooking in the house where you were a child. You make camp here.

Description summary:
You have found a place in Parabola that can be constant. It is implied that this place is actually formed from your own memories.

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