Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for the Fool's Favour

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From: Hallowmas: The Fool's Justice

Action Cost: 0

A bulging, bloated, ruby-red sack sits on top of the pile in the cart. Its colour matches the sprig of holly-berries the Fool has pinned in his lapel.

Game Instructions: You will gain a Favour in High Places, a Cellar of Wine and 3 Stolen Kisses.

Unlocked with Spirit of Hallowmas 100-2499


A change of season

The sack is filled with crates of wine. […] he removes his mask. Beneath the plaster, his face is made-up, painted white as a clerical collar. His hair is a shock of pale gold, his lips are redder than rubies. He […] plants a kiss on your cheek[…]

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