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From: Hunting in the Moon League

Action Cost: 0

Summarise the rules of the Moon League. How is it different from original flavour Knife and Candle?

Game Instructions: Players take turns to Move: each Move increases Baroque, Savage or Elusive, or allows you to play a Gambit for a unique bonus. You can still change your Form, but that will reset the bonuses from Moves.

You can attack when it's your turn, once you've made at least three Moves. Once you've made seven Moves, you must attack. An attack is a contest of Baroque, Savage or Elusive. Higher tends to win, but luck always plays a part.


A battle of nerves

So will you use your Moves to improve your best technique, to or to bluff your opponent into attacking where you're secretly strongest? Will you risk changing your Form and spoiling your Moves if you think your initial plan has failed?